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Unfortunately, this may mean that sincere applicants are excluded because of innocent mistakes that they have made in the application process.Here are four key secrets that can help you secure an invitation to apply for a visa.

I found this trick mentioned by Walliot in this post. Many applicants consider the likelihood of receiving an invitation to apply for a visa from the Australian Government to be similar to winning the lottery!This comparison is not entirely unreasonable – only a fixed number of places are available for invitation rounds, which are issued twice monthly.The Skill Select System is intended to prioritise and streamline the queuing for eligible applicants.It is designed to weed out ineligible and dishonest applicants.

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Invitation Only: 4 Secrets to Being Invited to Apply for a Visa Applying for a visa to enter Australia can be difficult and complicated, and as a migration agent, I often come across clients who have tried (and failed) to complete the application process themselves.

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