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The Kerberos service supports only the Kerberos V5 protocol.

The list is the result of collaboration between the SANS Institute, MITRE, and many top software security experts in the US and Europe.

The 2011 CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors is a list of the most widespread and critical errors that can lead to serious vulnerabilities in software. They are dangerous because they will frequently allow attackers to completely take over the software, steal data, or prevent the software from working at all.

The Top 25 list is a tool for education and awareness to help programmers to prevent the kinds of vulnerabilities that plague the software industry, by identifying and avoiding all-too-common mistakes that occur before software is even shipped.

It appears however that the KDC can get into a state where it doesn't create the V4 salted key. I've seen this caused because the host uses /etc/hosts to resolve name lookups before dns and the line for the host in /etc/hosts contains the un-fully qualified domain name before the fully-qualified one.

I've seen this caused by the host's key not being in the keytab file (/etc/krb5.keytab).

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The replay cache is stored on the host where the Kerberized server application is running.

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