Lebron dating mother

Posted by / 28-Aug-2017 07:20

We’ve posted about this interesting love affair before: Le Bron James’ Mother Marrying Struggle Rapper We can’t front, we are a tad bit jealous since Lambo is clearly getting blessed with some dope kicks thanks to his affiliation. In most cases it would be at best peculiar and at worst creepy to write about the love life of an athlete's parent.

Either way, dude is getting access to Le Bron and his entire family right now thanks to his relationship with Gloria.We've all heard the unconfirmed rumors about Le Bron ho'ing around Miami when he was playing for the Heat.Even an NBC News reporter put him on blast after Bron allegedly tried to get a chick's number at the White House.Le Bron James' mom's rapper boyfriend Lambo is poppin' off at the mouth on social media.He's threatening to "expose" Bron after a story about Lambo & Gloria James breaking up hit the net. We're not sure what sparked this breakup story or Lambo's reasoning in believing it, but it sounds like some of Le Bron' business is about to be put on front street.

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"It ain't no rumor," he told a Houston ESPN Radio station, calling the claims "absolutely true" and "absolutely horrifying." He went on: Murphy, who was once accused of sexually abusing five of his 14 daughters (who were fathered with nine different women, only one of whom he married), says James "may take time off." He also claims "there was another party...