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He'll do things to please her, hoping at some point she'll suddenly "feel it", begin to get "into the mood"... It's a report that outlines the 7 things that every guy must know about getting a younger woman.If you're like most guys, then you've read The Game and other dating products.On the other hand, if she hold her hand there for a second, grips your fingers back, or sort of lets her hand slide against yours … Most guys would assume that if a girl says “you’re such a player” that she is probably not’s a pretty good indicator that you’ve developed a nice level of rapport with her. But this is just one of those counter-intuitive things you figure out with enough time talking to women. The Hi-Five Test If you want to actively try to figure out if a woman is interested …here is a little test you can do that will help you gage the amount of interest a woman has.Once you listen to these audio modules, you'll never feel stuck or miss another opportunity with women because you'll know exactly what to do in these situations.(like the cafe or street) and thought "I'd love to meet her" but had no idea what to say?Have you ever wanted to talk to a woman but were worried about sounding "creepy" or being rejected in front of everyone and feeling embarrassed?

I just got back from doing a small comedy set at Wiseguys. I think that subconsciously, I choose to have these experiences that drag my ego down into the mud.

Sinn is one of the most successful pickup artists on the planet.

Sinn was featured in "The Game" as Mystery's original wingman, and has taught thousands of men how to succeed with women through his intensive dating boot camps. And in this video, Sinn reveals his complete step-by-step system any man can use to approach, meet and attract women in any day time situation.

On some level, I view myself as a pompous, try-hard, pretentious douche bag, and there is part of my psyche that delights in tricking myself into putting myself into humiliating situations that strip me of all pride, leaving me feeling like a reprimanded 5 year old that just got caught pissing in the dishwasher.

I felt pretty good about going up on stage tonight.

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