If two blind people dating were kid rock and sheryl crow dating

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If two blind people dating

a mixture of completely blind, legally blind, visually impaired and sighted. In her e Harmony and Ok Cupid profiles, Tiffany Jolliff notes that she obsessively listens to the “Hamilton” soundtrack, loves karaoke and can make almost anyone laugh.All three are living in New York and actively participating in the dating scene without their sense of sight.There are over seven million Americans living with vision loss, and one in five Americans have used online dating.“Yes, blind people do care about physical things, and yes, we are sexual beings.Very much so,” Nefertiti Matos says through a laugh in the opening scene of the documentary, Blind Date.Her world isn’t pitch-black, but weak muscles keep Jolliff’s eyes mostly shut.She can distinguish lights from darks, and her seeing-eye dog helps her navigate the world. For Jolliff, such dating platforms are largely incompatible with Voiceover, a screen reading software she uses on her i Phone.

There's the one about whether you can see in your dreams, the one about how you know where your mouth is when eating ...

“I want the ‘deeper’ connection that sites like e Harmony and to an extent, Ok Cupid, can bring,” Jolliff says.

An interesting discussion is going on over on Reddit, sparked by user Fearful Jesuit_ who asked blind people to explain what sexual attraction is like for them.

If they fight, and are blind, how will they know they are blind.

So I will shout:“I declare the one with the knife the winner”This will scare both when they realize they aren’t holding it, can’t visually confirm it, and will most likely break up the fighting.

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