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Christian knows what it takes to build desire in a man, so that he will want to stay connected and committed to one woman.

He focuses on the "whys" of each situation so that you gain an understanding of what is really going on in a man's mind.

Stop Avoiding The Issue And Start Speaking Up Here's something you may not know about men, or even agree with, but it's true ...

Can you really tell a man everything on your mind — even the not-so-pretty stuff? Has a man ever told you of some plans he had to hang out with his friends, or travel somewhere by himself for whatever reason, and you pretended to be perfectly okay with it because you didn't want to seem "needy? You might conclude that you can't be honest with a man, when in reality a little tweaking in terms of timing and delivery can make all the difference ...

But this kind of talk doesn’t make you feel connected; all it does is bring up issues that have no place being brought up until you know the person well enough to let them into your life a bit more.

So if you take one piece of advice to your next date it’s this: Focus on the Future, not the Past. Guy’s LOVE a woman who has a lot of exciting things in the future they are looking forward to.

Or read this review to find out how Christian Carter can help you to succeed at dating.

Christian Carter is a dating expert who specialises in helping women make it through the dating minefield to find the secure, loving relationship that they so desire.

They drive to even further heights, seeking to slake their thirst for coin.

He has helped millions of women meet and connect with men using the principles of "emotional attraction" - it's not what you look like but how you make him feel - to draw a man in and have him pursue you, rather than making the mistakes that so many women make that cause dating failure time after time.

As an attractive man himself, Christian Carter knows exactly how it is for men during dating.

He bridges the gap between the sexes, empowering women to understand once and for all, what a man is really thinking and how to inspire his lifelong love and devotion.

The principles that he presents are backed with scientific evidence - "the geeky stuff" - as he calls it and he really doesn't mince his words when he tells women how it is in dating and relationships.

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If they are planning something that you don't agree with, they want you to let them know at the start — as soon as possible — before it becomes a bigger issue or concern.