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The assessment authority (Assessor’s Office) is responsible for establishing the fair market value of all property within St. This assures the tax burden is distributed fairly among those responsible for payment.

The taxing authority (school, city, fire districts, etc.) establishes the tax rate based on the budgetary requirements needed to appropriately fund the services provided within their jurisdiction.

Review your assessment to ascertain if it is a FAIR MARKET VALUE of your property.

If you do not agree with the value placed on your property by the assessor, you may make an appointment to have an informal review of your assessment with the assessor prior to Grievance Day.

A Democrat, Collins served as the state's attorney general from 1912 to 1920. He generally receives credit for passage of legislation that funded development of the Flying Fortress B-17 bomber. Air Forces, dressed in flight suit on top of a plane (8 x 10).

September 1 – most school district’s tax bills are mailed with 30 day interest free period October – Enhanced STAR & Aged Exemption renewals mailed (deadline is March 1 Friday) – final day for school collector to accept taxes – after this date school taxes plus penalty are added to the January tax bill January 1 – most municipal tax bills mailed with 30 day interest free payment period March 1 – Taxable Status Date – the for all exemptions (new or renewals) to be filed with the Assessor.

One year after completing the law program at the University of Mississippi in 1901, he passed the state bar and opened a law practice in Meridian. House of Representatives in 1937 and remained until 1943.

In 1900, Collins graduated from the University of Kentucky at Lexington.

Assessment of the monetary value of the contents of the archive and museum was not part of that historic survey.

This report will also outline each phase of a digitization project that was conducted by Steven J.

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